Barnes & Noble

Shrinking Shelves and Growing Space - Barnes & Noble to close stores

Barnes and Noble announced that it will be closing 30% of its bookstores within the next decade. 

Barnes & Noble plans to cut stores by about 30% in decade - Chicago Tribune

B&N Aims to Whittle Stores for Years - WSJ


More and more of us are reading on devices. I live in the city in a small apartment. I have a storage space with 44 banker boxes filled with books! I wish I had the square footage to accommodate all of the shelves that I once had, but I don't. The Kindle Fire I purchased allows me to have shelf depth in a small space. It's where we're headed. For me, it's perfect.

Now, if Amazon will do something comparable with book purchases that it is doing with past CD purchases -- AutoRip -- I will be set!