Memorial Day 2014

My mom's two older brothers died six months apart in WWII. The death of two sons and brothers to war is an unspeakable loss for a family. My thoughts and prayers are with all military families today.


My mom still shares stories with me about her brothers. They were much loved.


I wrote this poem about the day the family was notified about Jimmy's death.


Cry Uncle


This would be the first time it would happen,

The second time would come in just six months.

My grandmother stood at the kitchen sink,

Cleaning up after endless meals; why not endless?

There was a window, always a window,

It was wide open, wide open in June,


And they came, the ones they send to tell you –

There was a plane, some maneuvers, a crash,

No survivors, sincere apologies --

And they came, in their stiff formality,

Fully suited, one summer day in June.

She tried to shut the window, how she tried,

To keep them out, to keep him safe within.


There was a window, always a window,

It was wide open, wide open in June.

Now they were inside, inside of her home,

She tried to open the window wider,

Her knees on the sink, she was half outside,

Her flailing arms reaching up, toward the sky,


Then this: there was a scream, always this scream,

She screamed ‘Jimmy’ one summer day in June.


Therese Flanagan 6/99


We are all Trayvon Martin

We are all Trayvon Martin. He was a boy who did nothing wrong, and Zimmerman came after him filled with ideas and a bullet.  

My take is that the Stand Your Ground laws were set into motion to amplify existing self-defense laws and give license, and potential harbor, to a particular group of citizens, as they carry their guns. Take a look at this article:

It's Not Just Zimmerman: Race Matters a Lot in 'Stand Your Ground' Verdicts - Richard Florida - The Atlantic Cities




It's time to end NRA/ALEC sponsored Stand Your Ground laws! Call your Senators and Members of Congress; make your voice heard; make your vote count.