A Story of Disruption: Life After PI

The movie industry is being faced with the same global economic dynamic hitting many industries. Uncertainty doesn't strike me as the basis for a good long term outcome, and yet, that is just what the current business model of disruption guarantees. Chasing lower prices around the globe will only work for so long. We need business models that take into account the dignity of the human being producing the work along with consideration of the community that supports the industry and the work force. The disruptive dynamic attempts to destabilize or destroy industries deemed bloated with inefficiencies, but does so with a machete and not with surgical precision. Much is lost...too much. The grave mistake of reducing humans to human capital, made to fit a working space in spreadsheets, would be a good place to start the rethinking.  

Life after PI  documents the human impact of old business models hitting new global economic realities. The new models tend to economically reward the founders and funders at the expense of everyone else down the line. That's not sustainable; we need to create a better way.