What I'm listening to...Len Edgerly's Kindle Chronicles

I've been following The Kindle Chronicles for some time now. Len Edgerly delivers a weekly podcast that is filled with helpful information on the Kindle, in particular, and on all things related to the e-book world. What I find winning is his attitude of discovery. He's excited about the changes Amazon has brought to the publishing world, and he'll tell you why, though he tempers that excitement with his consideration of the other side of the divide. 

He has a gadget lover's enthusiasm for the Kindle, Nook, and i-Pad; he tries all of them out and gives you their pluses and minuses. I'm a gadget lover myself, so I can never get enough information. He is aware of the hot topics of the day: Digital Rights Management; formating for the e-book; what's at stake between traditional publishing and the electronic tidal wave that Amazon helped deliver. He interviews people in the industry and when you're done listening, you've learned something. He's a great guide. 

I highly recommend his podcast!