What I'm listening to: U.S. Elevator's version of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now"

I mentioned Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now during April's poetry month because I've always felt that her lyrics bordered on the poetic. Mitchell's voice, both in the original version, and as she's aged, give the song added depth. 

U.S. Elevator, a group comprised of singers Sarah Lee Guthrie (yes, that Guthrie -- daughter of Arlo; granddaughter of Woody!) and Johnny Irion, with the Rondo Brothers as production partners, have produced their own version of Joni Mitchell's - Both Sides Now:

It can be found on i-Tunes listed as Moons and Junes, a special split 7 inch that they've released containing Mitchell'sBoth Sides Now and Jim Croce's - Spin, Spin, Spin.

You can listen to both songs here.

There's an energy and lightness to the remix of Both Sides Now. Guthrie's voice has an etherial quality that I really like. The harmony on Spin, Spin, Spin is lovely. Well done!