What I'm e-reading...

I've had the pleasure of reading on the Kindle Fire for about a month now. I've taken it through its paces and I really like it. You are able to connect to your local library, if you have a current library card, and you can check out e-books. It's all very simple. You search the library, as always, and place the e-books on hold, if they are not immediately available. The library notifies you via e-mail when the book is ready. You check it out electronically and it is sent to your Kindle account on Amazon.

I know there is some concern from publishers about the availibility of e-books at the library. It's a fine balance, but I have always had a library card, and I have always purchased books. Some books are keepers and you want them at hand, even on your electronic bookshelf. The e-library allows for a twenty-one day read. I'm always reading multiple books at a time and, often, that is not enough time for me with one book. If I'm interested enough, I will purchase it.

What I'm e-reading:

The Best American Essays 2011 (Best American Series)